Challenge update

Submitted by Penny Hillemann.

Okay, so my family, maybe like yours, is busy and somewhat scattered and the kids (well, we mainly just have one at home these days) don’t like many of the foods the adults like. So I have to admit I leave my son’s diet out of the Eat Local Challenge calculations. He gets local dairy products, some local breads, some Malt-O-Meal brand cereals, and most of the time that’s as far as it goes. (I don’t think they make local ketchup or chicken nuggets yet…) But I will make pizza using last summer’s rainbow tomato sauce before the week is out, so that’ll be something.

I really haven’t been doing much to change the way I normally eat this week — which is good, because it means I’m aiming for a sizable proportion of local foods most weeks of the year. This week I made a large pasta bake with last summer’s frozen tomato sauce and some Callister Farms chicken, and some local Sno-Pac frozen broccoli, and we’ve been working our way through that. Breakfast every day includes toasted Just Bread with peanut butter, a little OJ and local milk in my tea, so that’s close to 50% local. I’ve had a couple of delicious nacho lunches with Whole Grain Milling Co. tortilla chips, Salsa Lisa and local cheese, so those have been 100% local. Meeting treats at work are always from one of our local bakeries or coffee houses, so even the guilty pleasures are legit from that perspective!

So, I’m not the best person to model careful menu planning habits on, but it’s become a habit just the same to buy local options each week, not just because they’re local, but also because they’re just plain good. Good luck for the rest of Eat Local Challenge week!


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